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3 Tips on Planning the Perfect Honeymoon


Now that the wedding ceremony is over, your union is official in the eyes of man and government, and you have sufficiently entertained your guests, the fun part can begin - the honeymoon! This is the moment you have been looking forward to for months now; a trip of a lifetime to an exotic destination and a chance to enjoy uninterrupted time with your new spouse. However, for your honeymoon to be as special as you have always imagined it would be, you have to be exceptionally keen in the planning. The specialists at our bus rental service in New Jersey have decided to share a few tips that will go a long way in helping you plan out the perfect honeymoon.
First, however, consider contracting a reputable car service such as our New Jersey ground transportation service for all your transportation needs during your honeymoon. You will probably be in a foreign destination and you don’t need to waste any of your precious time trying to navigate those unfamiliar streets. With a reliable car service all you and your partner need to do is sit back, enjoy each other’s company, revel in the luxury amenities of the vehicle, and let a professionally trained chauffeur transfer you to your next destination.
Now, here are a few tips on how to plan out the perfect honeymoon.

The Budget

The most important aspect of planning a honeymoon is deciding on a budget. Once you and your partner have set an amount, you can now narrow down on a destination that falls within that budget. This is important because there is no point in having the time of your life on a honeymoon only to come back home to be hit with financial constraints; this may even ruin the memory of the whole honeymoon experience. So, plan ahead and ensure that your honeymoon expenditure does not break the bank for a more fulfilling experience during and after the escapade.

The Month

Once you have narrowed down on a few prospective honeymoon destinations, you now need to consider when the best time to visit each of these potential destinations is. Some destinations may seem enticing, but you need to find out if the timing is conducive for a honeymoon getaway. For example, if you and your partner are considering the Maldives, the best time to visit would be in January. Or if you are eying Bora Bora, the best time would be in May. Remember, you want the experience to be absolutely perfect and you want to get the most out of your destination.


The honeymoon combined with the cost you have already incurred hosting the wedding can be quite costly. Therefore, if you want to save yourself some money that could be used in starting your new life as a married couple, we recommend assimilating with the locals once you are at your destination. Socialize and learn how to beat costs; this will not only save you a few bucks but will also allow you and your partner to feel the authentic vibe of your destination.
If you are still planning your wedding, we recommend the article published by our Bronx car service friends at Islip Limo to find out the best tip to plan a wedding on a budget. 

Posted on May 07 2019

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