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3 Tips to Ensure Employee Safety While Traveling


As the world gradually collapses onto itself, becoming one huge global village, traveling for work has become an unavoidable aspect of today’s job scene. Traveling for work can be quite enjoyable but there is a side to business travel that is a little less than glamorous; think travel delays, crowded airports, health risks, and the constant anxiety and potential danger of being a foreigner in a strange land. Our New Jersey group transportation specialists have come up with measures you can take to guarantee the safety of your employees whenever you send them out on the road on official duty.
First and foremost, procure safe transit means by contracting the services of a reliable car service such as our New Jersey bus service for all their ground transportation needs. As opposed to conventional means of transportation, concierge car services like ours have an element of accountability. Ensuring your employees’ safety and that of their property is our duty.
Our chauffeurs undergo a rigorous training process and background checks to guarantee that we are putting your employees in the safest hands possible. Besides being in good hands, our service has earned a reputation for punctuality and reliability, which is to say that your employees will always be where they need to be when they need to be there, in turn guaranteeing that all business engagements you have tasked them with run just as smoothly as you had planned.
Here are a few more measures you can take to safeguard your employees’ wellbeing during their travels.

Medical Checkups

Before sending your employees out on official duty, ensure that they have undergone a medical checkup that will verify that they’re healthy enough to make the trip. You also need to conduct thorough research to identify any health concerns of the destination they will be visiting. Once these have been identified, have them get the necessary vaccines to protect them from any potential diseases. Although most destinations will inform you of the vaccinations required before you travel, it is important to follow up keenly to make sure that no precaution has been overlooked.

Keep Copies of their Travel Documents

Of course, there are documents that your employees will need to carry with them when they travel, without which they may end up heavily inconvenienced in foreign land. There is always the possibility that your employee will misplace a crucial document on the road. For example, a passport, a medical insurance card, immunization records, a plane ticket, visa, travel insurance, etc. Make copies of your employees’ documents before they leave and in the event that they misplace them, you can simply send copies to them electronically.

Travel Policy

We also recommend investing in a good travel policy for your company, which constantly guarantees that the organization is providing enough support to the employees every time they are on the road and that the employees are aware of the support afforded to them.
Passaic Valley Coach understands that traveling for business can be challenging. With our fleet of motor coaches at your disposal, you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get everyone to their destination. Our vehicles provide a comfortable ride to the destination. We provide Wi-Fi access so that you can be connected at all times. Contact Passaic Valley Coach for your next travel solution. We would be more than happy to help you select the perfect coach for your needs. 

Posted on Apr 24 2019

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