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4 Easy Tips for Landing the Cheapest Flights


The best flights are not always cheap. Airlines, however, like to highlight super low prices in their advertisements but, trust us, you end up paying the discounted cost one way or another. Therefore, in coming up with tips that you could employ in choosing the cheapest flights, the specialists at our New Jersey group transportation service has come with tips that focus on the overall value as opposed to merely referring you to ‘cheap flights’.

For all your airport transportation needs for large groups, we recommend contracting our New Jersey bus service. Apart from prices, one of the costliest things you can do when it comes to air travel is miscalculate the time it will take you to get to the airport. With us, however, you never have to worry about this. Our trusted staff and chauffeurs will handle all the logistics and ensure that you arrive at the airport ahead of time, allowing you to casually go through security and perhaps even grab a snack before boarding. Here are a few tips that will hopefully allow you to get flights within your price range.

One-Way Flights

Generally, one-way flight tickets are cheaper than round-trip tickets. You may end up having to book different airlines for both trips but that should not be an issue if you are genuinely looking to save some money. Booking one-way tickets also allows you the flexibility of choosing your own departure day/time to and from your travel destination. Round-trip tickets end up being super rigid, especially on your way back, which may be extremely inconvenient for you if other circumstances arise while you are at your destination.

Budget Airlines

There are known budget airlines out there, for example, Spirit and Frontier. These airlines may not offer you beverages, the legroom may only be sufficient for a toddler, and they may charge an extra cost for amenities that are complimentary with other airlines, but they will still get you where you need to go and a much cheaper cost. If you are flying a short distance you could decide to bear the discomfort and save yourself a few extra bucks.

Package Deals

Travelers tend to shy away from airline package deals because they assume that there is a catch to it. However, if you conduct thorough research you will actually find great package deals in which your flight comes with a complimentary hotel room, cruise, or even a rental car. Hotels actually favor these form of deals because it provides them with the opportunity to offer deep discounts that they could not afford had they nor paired with an airline.

Incognito Browsing

Not a lot of people know this but airlines actually plant cookies in your computer, cookies that enable them to hike the price every time you log onto their website. Certainly, not all of them do this, but to avoid this possibility, switch to incognito or clear you cache before logging onto an airline website, especially one that you have visited before.

Posted on Feb 12 2019

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