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4 Perfect Gifts for a Wine Lover


With spring in full swing and the sunny weather out once again, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine. And what better time to get a gift for that wine-loving friend/relative of yours? We have put together a list of items that would make for a perfect gift for a wine lover at this time of the year. Surprise your loved ones with the following amazing items.


An Antique Corkscrew

If you already have a person in mind, it’s probably because they pop open a lot of wine bottles and to do so they must have a corkscrew somewhere in their home. Instead of using that regular corkscrew that they purchased at the general store and that you’d probably find in any household in the country, why don’t you take the time to purchase them a uniquely crafted, antique corkscrew. Antique copper and bronze corkscrews should be part and puzzle of any wine-lover’s itinerary and they can be found in multiple online stores on the internet, so you don’t have to wade through hundreds of pawn shops to find one.


A Party Pack

After spending months in the cold during winter, everyone must be dying to hit the beach, right? However, packing for the beach can be quite challenging and cumbersome. Luckily, thanks to the ingenuity of some manufacturers, you can now put everything in a single bag. For example, there is a party bag that comes with 12 cans of rosé, which is the equivalent of 4 bottles of wine, and that’s not even the best part. The party pack also doubles as a cooler and comes with a portable Bluetooth speaker. What more could a wine lover ask for on their day out?


Creative Bottle Stoppers

We can all agree that, no matter how much you enjoy wine, finishing an entire bottle in one sitting by yourself is not a good idea. But ensuring that the wine left in the bottle stays fresh is not exactly easy either. Forcing the cork back into the bottle is rarely effective, you can only exert so much force. But with rubber wine bottle stoppers, your wine will stay fresher for longer by giving you a much tighter seal. Some of these stoppers even double as a poring spout, so you don’t need to remover them every time you want to pour yourself a glass.


Wine Bottle Carrier

For that friend who likes to keep more than one bottle in their house, a wine bottle carrier is the perfect gift. It holds up the bottles and keeps them cool at the same time. A wine carrier is also convenient because its portable, so the next time you head to that BYOB restaurant, you’ll have a more comfortable and convenient way to carry your wine.

What about a wine tour where you and a group of friends or colleagues can enjoy delicious, unique wine and discover more about the history of wine? For extra convenience, consider employing our New Jersey group transportation service; our professional chauffeurs will transport you safely to and from any destination of your choice. Let us handle all the driving, all you have to do is enjoy your wine and the company of your friends.


A Wine Cooler/Fridge

This is basically a mini-fridge that has been designated to storing wine bottles and keeping them chilled. It is different from a normal fridge because it tends to have only one or two temperature functions. A wine cooler will be able to store and cool upwards of 15 bottles of wine at a go, and now you have an excuse to stock up on your favorite brand.

Posted on May 08 2018

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