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4 Tips for a Stress-Free Family Vacation


Most families allocate part of their summer for an annual family getaway. This may involve jetting all the way to a different continent or simply road-tripping one town over to try out their beaches. Wherever you plan to go, we can all agree that family vacations can be a little stressful. But group travel of any kind can be stressful. Our New Jersey group transportation service understands this all too well and we have decided to put together a few tips that may come in handy the next time you and your family decide to go on a trip together.

For starters, we recommend that you employ the services of a professional group transportation company such as our New Jersey bus service. One of the most stressful aspects of traveling as a family is coordinating everyone’s whereabouts, especially when you are traveling in separate vehicles. With a group transportation service like ours, you get to depart together and arrive together in a comfortable and luxurious vehicle fitted with numerous deluxe amenities. As a bonus, you get to leave all the driving and navigation to a trained professional as you get to bond and reconnect with the gang.


Be Inclusive

We all know that children are harder to deal with than grownups, well, most of the time. But when you let the kids play a role in choosing the destination and the activities you will engage in, everything becomes a lot easier. Table a few suggestions for the kids to choose from pending approval by the adults. Also, let them choose interesting stops along the way to the final destination. This way the kids will feel that the trip is their own, and the trip will, therefore, kick off on the right foot and most likely proceed and end the same way.


Do your Homework

Do some research on your destination; who is going on the trip? What are their needs? Can those needs be met at the destination? For example, the cabin in the woods might be enticing, but cousin Jessy has serious allergies and there is no hospital for miles in case of any incident. In this case, you may want to opt for a location, maybe a resort, in an urban setting. Consider all factors at play and all the individuals coming along for the vacation before making a final decision on the destination.


Find some Alone Time

As mentioned above, family/group travel can be quite hectic and some time alone with your special someone here and there can be therapeutic. Find an exciting activity for the kids to engage in for a few hours and take a relaxing walk or share a glass of wine with your sweetheart.


Let the Small Stuff Slide

No trip ever goes exactly as it was planned; there will be hiccups here and there and that’s okay. There will always be something you did not see coming; promise yourself to remain calm during moments like this and focus on improvising. Actively keeping your cool will not only enable you to have a better time on your trip, but it will encourage everyone else to remain calm as well.

Posted on Jul 10 2018

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