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4 Tips for Organizing a Successful Field Trip


The words Field Trip inspire great excitement in students at whatever level of learning, but they may cause equally great levels of anxiety in organizers and chaperones. The importance of hands-on learning cannot be overstated; some studies have even suggested that it leads to lesson retention of up to 85%. The work involved in organizing a field trip can seem daunting, but have no fear; our New Jersey Day Trips Service has dealt with enough colleges to understand the dos and don’ts of a Field Trip. We have therefore come up with four essential tips for organizing a successful field trip; a field trip that avails an engaging learning experience for you and your students.


Plan Extensively

The very first step for organizing a successful field trip is laying down a comprehensive plan. First, figure out where you want to go based on the subject you want to ingrain in your students; choose a location that bridges what they have learned in class with what they will experience in the field.

For example, if the students have been learning about finance, the bank may be the most relevant field trip destination. There they will get to witness skills they have learned in the classroom getting applied in the real-world; keeping books of accounts, writing checks, writing withdrawal slips, opening accounts, etc.

Once you have decided on an appropriate destination, contact the facility and book a date for the field trip and if it is your institution’s requirement, submit a field trip request to the relevant administration official for approval.


Lay Down the Law

In order to have a successful field trip, you and your students need to be on the same page when it comes to rules. Discuss field trip conduct ahead of time. Discuss appropriate bus conduct and where everyone should seat in the bus; talk about eating areas and the conduct to be observed during these periods. Emphasize that their conduct throughout the field trip influences the image that the outside world has of their institution, and that they should strive to be on their best behavior at all times. But most importantly, be absolutely clear on the consequences of deviation from the prescribed modes of conduct.


Make all Necessary Arrangements Early

Field trips can take several weeks to get approved. You need to raise funds for the trip; you need administrative approval, you need approval from the facility you intend to visit, you need to make transportation arrangements, and much more. Start making such essential making arrangements at least 8 weeks before the actual field trip, and more than 8 weeks for out-of-state and overseas trips.


Have Fun

As the student’s chaperone for the trip, you will find yourself constantly keeping count of them, teaching and explaining to them, and making sure that they’re on their best behavior, but you still need to have a good time on the trip. Consciously and constantly remind yourself to make the most of the field trip and have fun with your students; take lots of pictures and try living in each moment. It’s the perfect chance to really bond with your students, which will set the pace for their learning throughout the rest of the course.

Consider making transportation reservations with our New Jersey Bus Service the next time you’re organizing a field trip. Our buses accommodate 55 passengers each and feature custom reclining seats that are fitted with footrests for the utmost comfort. Our buses also feature Wi-Fi, overhead reading lights, air conditioning/heating, and even restrooms. In our buses, the ride to and from your destination becomes part of the day’s experience.

Posted on Nov 01 2017

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