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5 Insanely Fun and Engaging No-Technology Travel Games


Nowadays we are hooked on numerous devices that run our lives. They are extremely practical and fun to use. Nevertheless, you sometimes just feel the need to disconnect for a while. A group trip can be a great excuse to do just that. You get a chance to have some fun, take a break from technology, and get to know a lot of people.

Inspired by the lively New Jersey school trips we love taking part in, here are some awesome travel games anyone can enjoy.

  1. The Suitcase

NJ day trips can get really fun and exciting with a simple word game. For this game, the rules are simple enough that anyone can play.

The group agrees on a letter of the alphabet, like L. Then, everyone has to take turns naming items that start with the letter L, which would fit in a suitcase. For instance, laundry, lime, lipstick, liqueur, etc. Some forbidden words, in this case, would be lake, likelihood, lawyer, etc.

When one player can’t find another word to say, pick another letter.

  1. Word Association

This game starts off with a random word, say flower. After that, people take turns naming words that are in some way associated with the previous word. For example, the game could continue like this: crown, queen, rock band, music, violin, bow, hunt, etc.

The game ends when connected words can no longer be found, or the word that has been said has no association with the one before it.

  1. The Name Game

Taking day trips in NJ is a lot of fun. Just imagine how much more entertaining it can get when you play an interesting group game.

You usually play The Name Game with celebrity names. But it can get even more interesting if you use the names of people you know.

First, select the name you want to start with. For example, Louis Armstrong.

The next person has to say another famous name that starts with the first letter of the previously stated last name, in our case, the letter A for Armstrong. It could be Ariana Grande, for instance. Grace Kelly could be next, and so on.

  1. The Interrogation Conversation

This game starts by picking a setting. Let’s say at the dentist’s office.

Imagine the people playing the game are in this situation and they have to talk to each other only by using questions. Each person gets one line and then it’s someone else’s turn.

For example:

- How long has it been since your last cleaning?

- Are you accusing me of not caring about my dental health?

- Did I ever say something like that?

- Are you trying to make me pay for expensive procedures?

- Do you want to have bad breath on your date tonight?

- How do you know I have a date?

- (...)

It could go on for hours if you unleash your imagination and creative thinking.

If more than 5 seconds pass between lines, the game starts again with a different setting. And you’re not allowed to repeat the previous question.

  1. The Counting Game

A favorite among our New Jersey group transportation clients, this one gets particularly interesting when there’s a large number of people involved.

The key is that there is no order established beforehand. People just start counting. If more than one person says a number, the game resets, and you have to start again, the goal is to get to 10. If you’re feeling confident and want an added challenge, try to get to a higher number, like 20 or 50.

A New Jersey bus service that is more than meets the eye

You can effortlessly enjoy any type of journey, from college tours to day trips in NJ and everything in between. All you have to do is call Passaic Valley Coaches and we’ll do the rest. Sit back, relax, play a game with friends and family and make the time spent on the road as enjoyable as the main event.

We hope you’ll try our favorite fun travel games next time you’re on the road. Have a great trip!

Posted on Aug 22 2017

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