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6 Tips for the Perfect Vacation


The hardest part of any vacation has to be the planning - there are so many variables to consider and so many things that could go wrong. While it’s true that there are many factors that are out of your control, there is a lot you can prepare to ensure that your vacation is as successful as can be. Our New Jersey bus service specialists have compiled a list of measures you can take to guarantee that your upcoming vacation and all subsequent vacations are enjoyable as humanly possible.

Before we share these tips we would also like to recommend our New Jersey group transportation service for all your vacation transportation needs. Navigating traffic in an unfamiliar city/town can be quite stressful and seeing as a vacation is a time for relaxation, you should let a professional take the wheel. Let our chauffeurs transfer you to any location of your choosing in a safe and timely manner as you simply focus on enjoying our luxury amenities, creating memories with your family/friends, and looking forward to arriving at the next exciting destination. Let’s have a look at measures you can take to guarantee yourself the vacation of your dreams.

The Season

A lot of people will choose their vacation date based on their own work or school schedules and unavoidably so. Unfortunately, most people take breaks from work and school at the same time, which means you will be planning a vacation around a time when everyone intends to be on vacation. These periods are known as peak travel season and any seasoned traveler will tell you that this is the least ideal time to plan your vacation. The best time to plan a getaway is the period between the peak season and the low season, aka the shoulder season. During the shoulder season, the weather is still friendly, crowds are smaller, and prices are significantly lower than the peak season, which means you get a better experience at a lower cost.

Do your Homework

Always make sure that you read the reviews of your prospective travel destinations before settling on one. With websites like TripAdvisor, you can look up just about anything including hotels, restaurants, attractions, and so much more. By learning the experiences of other travelers, you can ascertain whether the amenities at your intended destination are what you are looking for and if they are up to your standard. This way you avoid frustration and disappointment; you don’t want to get to your destination only to realize that it is nothing like you had imagined and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it now. The more you read these reviews the more you understand the landscape of the destination and the better positioned you will be to make a decision on the best vacation destination for you, so start doing your research now.


It goes without saying that booking a vacation without fully understanding the costs associated with your intended vacation destination is driving yourself into a financial abyss. Before you make any bookings you should be fully aware of the general cost of food, accommodations, transportation, admission prices at places of interest, etc. Be honest with yourself and set a reasonable budget that does not strain your pockets too much. If you don’t have enough resources to sustain yourself at the destination that you want, consider going somewhere cheaper or putting the vacation on hold as a whole until you have gotten your finances together. Do not splurge on a destination you cannot afford then come home to financial constraints, the blowback of the aftermath may actually end up ruining the memory of the vacation as a whole, which is honestly counterproductive.

Create a Schedule

Time management seems to be something we associate with the workplace, but proper time management is actually a critical ingredient of a successful vacation. Create a schedule for your vacation but don’t be too rigid, leave enough time in between to be spontaneous and to engage in activities as they come up. Remember, there will always be factors beyond your control that prevent you from following your itinerary to the letter but this should not be a reason for frustration; be flexible enough to move items around on your itinerary. Although a schedule is important to ensure you are not losing any valuable time, the point is to have fun and unwind, not to stick to the timetable.

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Look out for good deals during your planning process and take advantage of any good ones you come across. If you happen to find a deal on a hotel, flight, restaurant, etc. at your vacation destination don’t hesitate to take it; this will save you a couple of bucks during your actual vacation. Seasoned travelers understand that these deals don’t last and if you hesitate you could be losing out on an opportunity to save a few dollars. If you have the main details of your vacation down and you are settled on a destination, there is absolutely no reason to hesitate on taking a bargain deal. Just don’t make any commitments such as hotel reservations without being absolutely sure that you will be staying in the area.

Carpe Diem

A lot of people get lost in the detail and forget that the actual point of planning the vacation was to relax, unwind, and have fun. You have done your research and covered your bases, everything within your control has been considered and it’s now time for you to enjoy the fruits of the vacation. If something doesn’t go according to plan during the vacation, don’t dwell on it, go with the flow and readjust accordingly. Take charge and be determined to enjoy your vacation despite the hurdles you encounter. Adopt a passive attitude and don’t let anything phase you, you have planned and spent to have fun and fun will be had by any means necessary.

Posted on Jul 10 2019

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