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How to Avoid these 5 Common Problems with Group Tours


People join group tours for different reasons and, as such, have different expectations. Even with great planning, some group tours are inundated with problems from the very beginning. We at Passaic Valley Coach have studied the issue in-depth in order to ensure that your next trip and every tour after that will be pleasantly remembered for a lifetime.

  1. The Tour Itinerary Isn't What You Hoped For

Tours can sound really great in brochures, and it's fairly easy to find one that includes just the sites you want to see. Unfortunately, when you're on tour, sometimes it seems that you spend an inordinate amount of time getting to where you want to be. On other trips, you spend lots of time in places you don't want to be just to have limited time in the place you took the trip to see. If you want to include one of the college tours to New Jersey on your trip, for instance, we adapt our tours to ensure you get just what you were hoping for.

  1. There Doesn't Seem to be Many Choices in Tour Options

It seems that some travelers can pick a tour and get everything they dreamed of whereas others have a hard time selecting any one tour that includes the majority of locations desired. That's not an uncommon problem, especially with New Jersey school trips. However, we strive to give our clients everything they want with every tour they take.

  1. Personalities Don't Always Mesh Well

Frequently longer tours include accommodations, meals, tours of sites and a number of other amenities. Needless to say, not everyone is going to like every facet of the journey. Additionally, on each trip, there will be as many personalities as there are travelers and not everyone will get along. To accommodate individuals while reducing the chance that conflicting personalities will flare, we have expanded our fleet of vehicles to fit any size group. That also allows us to customize the tour for each group.

  1. Personal Space is Limited

Although the thought of a large group sharing similar interests may seem ideal, on longer trips, it may become overwhelming. Sharing tables, bathrooms, rides, etc. with strangers may seem ideal at first, but if you're a person that likes to spend some time alone, it can become a problem. We understand the needs that extroverts have differ markedly from introverts and arrange our tours to provide plenty of opportunities to get together as well as have personal time, where you can go off on your own for a while if you like.

  1. Equipment and Personnel may be Scary

Sometimes brochures and websites are not reflective of what is actually used once you're ready to take off on your trip. If you show up and find a dirty, dilapidated vehicle and staff that doesn't seem to know what's going on, just walk away. Taking the chance on such a trip isn't worth your life. We have a diverse fleet of late model vehicles, large enough to accommodate any size group in comfort. Only the best chauffeurs in the business are hired by the company and only after they have undergone a battery of rigorous tests and checks. They, along with the rest of our staff, are seasoned professionals whose only goal is to ensure our customers receive an experience that exceeds expectations.

Although when reading reviews it's obvious many travelers have less than ideal experiences on tours, we at Passaic Valley Coach strive to provide our customers with professional chauffeurs and staff who can ensure a luxurious, safe, comfortable trip that exceeds your expectations and is stress-free. We have been in business in New Jersey for 50 years which has allowed us to develop a broad customer base built on trust. We would love the opportunity to serve you and/or your organization for your next trip, so please call and let us help you build the tour of your dreams.

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Posted on Jun 06 2017

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