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How to Avoid Getting Sick While You Travel


It’s the nightmare scenario – you travel miles for a presentation in front of important clients, you’re thoroughly prepared and have run through your slides time and time again, but when you wake up on the morning of the event you are unable to move for aches, pains, and a throat like sandpaper. Make sure you avoid dreaded germs and stay healthy when you travel with our top tips below.


Get more sleep

Most adults need between 7 and 9 hours per night, but when tight deadlines are looming and late nights at the office are part of your daily routine, it can feel like there is no time left for sleep. It might seem counter-intuitive but try to make sleep and rest a priority before traveling for a big meeting or presentation, that way you will be alert, attentive, and feeling healthy so you can concentrate on your important work.


Use anti-bac

We are all too aware of the fast turnaround times employed by most airlines these days, so imagine the amount of cleaning that is likely to happen between flights given the short amount of time the cabin crew has until their next passengers arrive. Make sure you have some anti-bacterial gel and wipes handy when you board, that way you can quickly wipe down your tray table and armrest to eliminate any nasty germs. Hand gel will also be useful to wipe away all the bacteria you may have picked up throughout the airport if you haven’t had a chance to get to the bathroom before dashing to catch your flight.


Eat well

Make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg, lean protein for energy, and complex carbohydrates that release energy slowly to keep you going longer, not just on the day you travel but in the weeks leading up to it too. Try to avoid junk foods, all too often one of the few options available when you’re in a hurry at the airport, as they may supply you with a quick hit of energy, but their nutritional value is often very low, and the high sugar and fat content will leave you feeling even more tired and sluggish after a couple of hours.


Get a flu shot

As the winter months approach, it is worthwhile getting a seasonal flu shot to help protect you against the risk of falling ill from the pesky virus. Re-circulated air will make you more prone to picking up other passengers’ germs, especially if you are sat near to someone who is affected on a long flight. Stop into your local doctor’s office, clinic, or pharmacy to get a shot that is still recommended by the CDC as the best line of defence against contracting flu.


Book a car service

Especially when you travel with a group, with our bus rental New Jersey, you can avoid any extra airport hassle and the potential to catch other passenger’s germs on public transport or shuttle buses. Our chauffeurs will ensure you arrive at your destination in luxurious comfort, leaving you feeling calm, healthy, and relaxed ready to face the day.

Posted on Nov 07 2017

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