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Benefits of a Bus Rental for College Sports Activities


School spirit is one of the most defining factors of campus culture; pupils are proud of their college teams and will gladly travel great distances just to see them play. This travel can be hectic, tedious, expensive, and possibly even dangerous when pupils are allowed to go alone.

With colleges all across New Jersey, and thousands of pupils constantly heading to the same venue every time there is a sporting event, it would be in the best interests of the pupils for each institution to consider a New Jersey bus service.

Chauffeurs at our college tours service in New Jersey are specially trained to operate heavy-duty commercial sized buses and have an intimate understanding of the city, which will guarantee your pupils’ punctuality every time. But most importantly, employing our services will allow you to rest easy knowing that your students are guaranteed safe transportation to and from all sports events.

Let’s have a look at some additional benefits of renting a bus for your institution’s sports activities.

Cost Effective

The cumulative amount of money students will use to attend an event when they have to find their own way there is extremely high. You may be thinking, “Okay, why not use our own school buses?” Of course, you can, but on top of the fuel required to transport your pupils to the event, you have to think about parking fees and other costs.

Due to the constant utilization of our buses by varied clients, the economies of scale usually work in our favor. This then allows us to give you the relief of simply paying a fair and fixed service charge after which you don’t have to worry about any other costs, ultimately saving your institution a significant amount of money.

Group Camaraderie

There is just something special about traveling with about 55 of your schoolmates, fans, alumni etc. as opposed to traveling individually or in smaller groups. The kind of climate that our bus rentals provide boosts team spirit and bring the pupils even closer together. From neutral conversations to collective cheering, this is the perfect environment for students to grow closer together as a team and as a school.

Comfort and Convenience

Most bus rentals offer comfort and luxuries that you won’t find in public and personal transportation. Our buses will feature, restrooms, overhead waterproof luggage racks, reading lights, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating, and an audio/video system with a PA you can exploit to pump up and maintain group morale.

Additionally, on your way back from the game when everyone is exhausted, you can simply lay back and make use of our comfortable reclining seats and adjustable footrests and you’ll be back in school premises before you even know it.

Safety and Legality

This is perhaps the most compelling reason to hire a bus for college sports event. We all know college is a pretty wild place and college pupils traveling as a group in a certified bus with a licensed chauffeur is much safer than pupils traveling in smaller separate groups. Before and after the game the students can simply board the bus when it’s time to leave, which solves the issue of drinking and driving and guarantees the safe arrival and return of every pupil.

Posted on Oct 03 2017

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