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Best 5 New Jersey local tours


The Garden State offers a number of fun and exciting things for travelers to do. With our New Jersey bus service, you can skip the hassle of driving yourself and enjoy amenities like air conditioning and large windows that let you get a great look at the attractions spotted along the way. Check out some of the best local tours that you can do on your trip before contacting us to set up your transportation.

Whale Watching

Though you may not believe it, you really can see whales right off the coast of New Jersey. The best place to see these majestic creatures is Cape May. Several local companies offer boat tours that take you right off the coast and let you spend hours watching the whales frolic and play in the water. Some tours even include cold drinks and snacks or full meals.

Zip Lining

If there is an ultimate way to see the Garden State, it's probably on a zip line. Zip line operators run companies that attach large and durable lines between trees and other structures. They then zip you to the line with a dependable hook system. As you zip back and forth across those lines, you'll feel like you're really flying. Zip lining also lets you see views that you could never see from a hotel room.

Ghost Tours

Do you love television shows like “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Adventures” that send teams out to investigate supposedly haunted houses and sites? With a New Jersey ghost tour, you can see some of those haunted hot spots for yourself. Asbury Park is home to several tours that focus on downtown buildings. Some call this city one of the most haunted places in America. Ocean City and Cape May offer haunted tours too. Though some tours only run during the Halloween season, others run throughout the year.

See Wildwood

One of the top places to visit in New Jersey is Wildwood, which is a small community located right on the water. It's home to the Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District and some of the oldest buildings in the state. You'll also want to check out the Wildwood Boardwalk, which actually consists of three different boardwalks. Each one features rides, games and other attractions that will make you feel like you're in an amusement park. With our chauffeur services, you can get help getting to any destination in the Wildwood area.

Pleasant Beach Tours

When it comes to college tours, New Jersey visitors often head to the Jersey Shore, but we highly recommend a tour of Pleasant Beach instead. Jenkinson's Aquarium lets you get up close and personal with some of your favorite marine animals. You can also enjoy the fun carnival excitement that surrounds Jenkinson's Boardwalk too.

Our comfortable tours make it easy for you to explore all the destinations and attractions that you love in New Jersey. Whether you're in college, coming with your family or traveling with friends, call us to book your NJ tour.

Posted on Jun 20 2017

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