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The Best Halloween Events of 2017 in New Jersey


Halloween is here! And that is some exciting news since, in this special month of October, the whole country comes alive with all kinds of fun events that you cannot help but get a piece of. The good news is, there is something for everyone, so do not worry if you feel a bit too old to dress up. To get you started on some Halloween Season ideas, our New Jersey bus service has compiled a short-list of the events and places you, your family, and your friends can visit for some fun times. Take a look at some of these events and have a scary one!

Bane Haunted House

The story of this haunted house is a chilling one. The Banes were a family of four until one day when the father, during his normal rounds around the farm, noticed that the animal cages had been opened and the animals torn to pieces. Naturally, he assumed bears or wolves had done it until he realized his daughter, Jennifer, was missing. After a little search around the house, he found Jennifer hiding under a table in a pool of blood. It turns out she was eating the animals herself, and half her face was missing. To visit this spooky house, purchase your tickets online and schedule a visit any day of the weekend throughout this month.

17th Annual Pumpkin Festival

This event is held at the creepy Whippany Railway Museum where special trains dubbed the ‘Pumpinliners’ make trips throughout the museum site, all day long. The 30-minute excursion takes you into the past for a moment and will leave you with some lasting memories. It follows a miniature route of a historic route called the Whippanong trail and includes even antique cabooses that visitors can ride. You can also take a walk among the Grinning scarecrows, pumpkins, and corn shocks as you sample some of the locally made merchandise and other railroad collectibles at the popular crafts fair. Visit any Sunday from 1st October 2017 to 31st October. Trains depart at 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00PM come rain or come sunshine.

Brighton Asylum

The Brighton Asylum is a horror show held in a scary asylum that used to hold mentally challenged patients in the 40s. The 4,000 square foot complex is creepy enough to taint your soul, especially after learning that the patients overran the facility after years of enduring harsh living conditions and inhumane medical experiments. It was closed in 1952, and that did not stop the ghosts of the past from wandering in and out the grotesque medical facility, or so it is rumored. The show is done totally on foot and the décor is set in such a way that you never know what is coming. Prepare to be grossed out, scared, indulged, and even give in to your worst phobias. You can buy tickets online; the show has been open since 29th September and will be ending on 31st October.

Posted on Oct 24 2017

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