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Upcoming Halloween Events and Attractions in New Jersey 2018

Posted on: October 23rd, 2018 by Passaic No Comments

Are you ready for yet another season of spooky fun? We know we are, and in the same spirit, our College Tours Service in New Jersey has taken the time to do some research and compile a list of some of the best Halloween events scheduled to go down this season in the Garden State, […]


Increase your Efficiency with These 4 Simple Methods

Posted on: October 2nd, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
increase efficiency

We only have 24 hours in a day, and we are asleep for about 6 of those, so essentially, we only have 18 hours to be productive, not taking into account the breaks we take to eat and rest. So realistically, we only have about 15 hours to be productive each day, and for that […]


Don’t Miss your Flight: 3 Effective Ways to Minimize Delays

Posted on: September 25th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments

While sitting at your gate waiting for your departure time can be grueling, it could always be worse. You could be the guy running across the airport, suitcase in tow, trying to make your flight. If you have never done this ‘panic dash’, you should consider yourself lucky. Whether you have been in this position […]


2018 September Events New Jersey

Posted on: September 12th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments

New Jersey is arguably the Las Vegas of the East Coast and, as such, residents and visitors are never out of event options no matter what time of the year it is. Our Bus Rental Service in New Jersey has therefore decided to come up with a list of some exciting events scheduled for the […]


The Best Labor Day Weekend Events to Attend in New Jersey

Posted on: August 28th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
labor day

Labor Day is approaching fast; you can almost smell the excitement in the Garden State. It’s a chance, not only to celebrate all the hardworking individuals that make the nation what it is, but it’s also an opportunity to enjoy an extended weekend, which also gives us sufficient time to bid summer goodbye. New Jersey […]


Tour Bus Travel Made Easy with These Top Tips

Posted on: August 21st, 2018 by Passaic No Comments

You and your group will enjoy the luxury accommodations you get when you book your next group trip with us. We have many years of experience serving the transportation needs of the New Jersey community. When it’s time to plan a group outing or event, please allow our team to do the planning with you. […]


5 Tips for Stress-free Group Transportation

Posted on: August 14th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
Stress Free Group Transportation

Transporting large groups to an event can be a challenge; however, there are ways to make it more stress-free. We have professional chauffeurs that will take your group to its destination; our bus rental in New Jersey can make the trip not only comfortable but safe and convenient for group travel. Here are some tips […]


Top Honeymoon Destinations in New Jersey

Posted on: August 7th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
Honeymoon Destinations New Jersey

You have practically spent every day of the past year planning for the big day; from the bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s attire, to location and reception, and the day is finally here. You have spent countless hours writing heartfelt vows, picking out wedding favors, and playing your happily ever after over and over in your head, […]


3 of the Best Group Activity Venues in New Jersey

Posted on: July 24th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
group activity

You probably haven’t gotten some time off work or school since the beginning of the year, and now all your buddies are home for the summer and they are just as free as you are. It’s the perfect time to catch up and reconnect, and what better way to do this than bonding over some […]


Best Summer Events in New Jersey 2018

Posted on: July 17th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
new jersey

Summer is upon us, and you know what that means in New Jersey, there are numerous events and festivals underway. Most of the time we end up missing out on the best events in our own cities because we never hear about them. Well, this year our New Jersey bus service is here to ensure […]