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4 Perfect Gifts for a Wine Lover

Posted on: May 8th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
wine lover

With spring in full swing and the sunny weather out once again, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a glass of wine. And what better time to get a gift for that wine-loving friend/relative of yours? We have put together a list of items that would make for a perfect gift for a wine lover […]


Exciting Mother’s Day Events in New Jersey 2018

Posted on: April 30th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
mother's day

Have you been wondering what to do for your mother on Mother’s Day in New Jersey? Well, you have come to the right place; we knew this day was coming and we decided to do some research on your behalf. Our Bus Rental service in New Jersey has put together a list of events and […]


Travel Time-Management for Frequent Road Warriors

Posted on: April 24th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
time management

Frequent travelers understand that constantly moving around from place to place is time-incentive and can really kill one’s productivity. When you’re always moving around, it’s quite easy to get into unproductive activities that unnecessarily waste your time. Whether you have just begun traveling a lot or you are a seasoned ‘road warrior’, here are three […]


Top New Jersey Beaches you Should Definitely Visit

Posted on: April 3rd, 2018 by Passaic No Comments

New Jersey has over 120 miles of coastline and the state is famous for its sandy beaches that offer locals and visitors a perfect getaway whenever they want to soak in the sun and unwind. Whether you are looking for a quiet, intimate beach or a place that’s bustling with activities, New Jersey has something […]


New Jersey Wineries and Distilleries You Should Visit this Year

Posted on: March 27th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments

The Garden State is known for its high-quality fruits and vegetables, especially in the southern parts of the state where sandy soil and perfect humidity allows for the thriving of grapes and, of course, the production of some of the best wines in the country. But do not take our word for it; why don’t […]


Business Planning Tips for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Posted on: March 13th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments

To succeed in business, you need a solid plan. The task may seem daunting, and that’s okay because any dream worth chasing should scare you. Our New Jersey Group Transportation Service understands how challenging it can be to start a business and as a result, we have decided to share a few useful planning tips […]


The Importance of Body Language in Business

Posted on: January 9th, 2018 by Passaic No Comments
body language

Body language is a non-verbal communication that perhaps says more than the words you speak; actions speak louder than words, right? We use body language all the time when we interact with others, in social settings, in business, etc. Body language is all about the movements and gestures we give off, each little movement and […]


5 Reasons Why People in New Jersey Should Be Proud of Their State

Posted on: November 14th, 2017 by Passaic No Comments
new jersey

New Jersey rarely gets the appreciation it deserves. The Garden State may be small, but it sure has a lot to offer. Most people may disagree, but this humble state may just be one of the best states in the U.S., without all the hype. The cost of living here may be high, but that’s […]


5 Tips for Group Travel Planning

Posted on: October 17th, 2017 by Passaic No Comments
group travel

Planning a group trip can be both challenging and stressful. Especially when you have to take every group member into account, it makes the trip more expensive and requires even further planning. To help you prepare smarter for your group trip, follow our tips below.   Choose a Travel Planning Leader First things first, you […]


5 Tips to Make Your Next Corporate Meeting a Success

Posted on: September 26th, 2017 by Passaic No Comments
corporate meeting

Every so often, businesses organize corporate meetings for their staff or host employees from other companies for networking or brainstorming sessions. Granted, the organizers and conveners of these corporate meetings have specific goals that they wish to achieve. A look at most of these meetings would present a false appearance that they are easy and […]