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Debit Card Drawbacks when Traveling


In all honesty, the dangers associated with owning and carrying a debit card are no less prominent at home than on the road. However, the risk of being defrauded does increase every time you are traveling with your card. Our specialists have, therefore, come up with a list of the most prevalent debit card dangers and how you can avoid falling prey to them while you are on the road.
To decrease the risk of losing any personal items while traveling and the potential bank fraud that may ensue, we recommend forgoing conventional means of transportation and opting for a reputable concierge car service such as our New Jersey ground transportation service. Our luxury vehicles offer you the utmost privacy and safety for you and your items.
Even in the event that you leave your wallet, phone, or laptop behind with all your banking details unprotected, you can rest assured that our professionally trained chauffeurs will safely store your items away at our offices, untampered and ready for your collection at a date of your earliest convenience.
Now, let us have a look at some of the biggest drawbacks you experience when using a debit card on the road.

Establishments where you Part with your Card

These could be restaurants, bars, malls, etc. Every time your card leaves your sight you risk compromising the safety of your data. Sure, having your debit card swiped is one of the easiest ways to settle a bill, but in a crowded bar or dining environment, prying eyes, and particularly those of the people serving you, pose a potential threat to your account.

No Reward Points

In most cases, credit card companies offer reward schemes to their customers where you are able to accrue points and redeem them for free/discounted purchases or even travel deals. Unfortunately, most debit cards do not offer any reward points. Some do offer incentives such as travel insurance, but to be certain we recommend consulting your bank before hitting the road.

Public Wi-Fi

Not a lot of people are aware of this, but it is much easier for hackers to steal your private information through unsecured Wi-Fi. We, therefore, recommend refraining from using your debit card in establishments with a free wireless connection. However, if you absolutely have to use a card to settle a bill, opt for a credit card, which makes it a lot more challenging for hackers to steal your information.

No Credit Score Advancement

Improving your credit score can only be done by using a credit card and by paying credit card bills on time. You will need a high credit score if you ever want to successfully borrow money from a financial institution. Debit cards do not improve your credit score and, if you only use debit cards, you will have no credits core for financial institutions to go by. Nonetheless, there is some good news; having no credit score is far much better than having a low credit score, so it’s not all bad. 
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Posted on Apr 16 2019

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