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According to news reports from reliable sources, a total of 20 people lost their lives on the 6th of October in what has been dubbed by authorities to be the worst ground transportation accident in the United States since 2009. The 2001 Ford Excursion limousine was ferrying 17 occupants to Amy Steenburg’s (one of the occupants) birthday party; Amy had just turned 30 years old. At a T-shaped intersection in Upstate, New York, along Route 30, the limousine failed to slow down and crashed into a parked SUV, hit two pedestrians, and finally came to a stop in a steep ditch where a large tree trunk now lies split in half as the last point of impact. Amongst those who died in this tragic incident include four sisters, two brothers, and two sets of newlyweds.

According to unverified sources, pending further investigations by authorities, the chauffeur of the limo had not acquired proper licensing to operate the vehicle, the vehicle itself had recently failed a routine operational inspection, and one of the passengers had sent a text message to her cousin complaining about the state of the vehicle moments before the incident occurred. The actual cause of the accident is however yet to be conclusively determined.

Due to the events of the day, a lot of concierge ground transportation services such as our New Jersey day trips service have found themselves on the spotlight of public scrutiny. The incident had also forced us to reevaluate our safety and security standards and we would like to assure you, our esteemed clients, that upon a detailed self-assessment, we can guarantee that our New Jersey bus service upholds the highest form of safety standards possible, so you are always safe and protected whenever your ride with us. This is how we do it.


A Well-Maintained Fleet

We routinely screen our vehicles for safety and operational defects before they are dispatched, guaranteeing that you are riding in a perfectly functional automobile every time you set foot in one of our vehicles. Our vehicles also undergo a daily inspection, whether they are due for dispatch or not; client safety is a factor we are not willing to compromise, which is why our whole operation centers around keeping the vehicles in tip-top condition.


Highly Qualified Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are undoubtedly the most qualified in the state, and quite likely the country. All potential candidates undergo a rigorous vetting process where we ensure that they are properly certified and licensed to operate our vehicles. We also conduct background checks in conjunction with local authorities to verify that the candidates are individuals of upstanding character before we can leave our clients in their care. Further, each chauffeur is required to have attained a minimum number of years in experience and maintained a clean driving record within that period.


Data Protection and Privacy

We also take your privacy quite seriously, and we would hate for sensitive information you shared with us in confidence to fall into the wrong hands. As such, we apply the most secure information technology processes to ensure that only yourself and a few authorized personnel have access to any private information you give us.

Posted on Nov 06 2018

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