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Hotels Vs Airbnb for Business Travel


Traditionally, business travelers camped over at hotels whenever they were in different towns or cities. But recently, the specialists at our bus rental service in New Jersey have noticed a major shift in this culture with the introduction of competitors such as Airbnb who offer alternative housing to travelers. It is amazing how fast this new option is being embraced considering hotels have been the housing option of choice for business travelers since time immemorial.

A significant part of our New Jersey group transportation service’s clientele being business travelers, this phenomenon got us wondering what this means for the hospitality industry. Why was the shift happening? Were there misplaced notions in play? What are the advantages of one over the other? We set out on a quest to find answers. Answers that will hopefully shed some light on both these industries to help you decide what you would, personally, prefer on all your subsequent business trips; the traditional hotel options or the options offered by the Airbnb service.

These were the conclusions of our analysis.


Airbnbs have been known to provide guests with cooking facilities since, most of the time, they are houses owned by individuals who have chosen to rent them out for a fee. Business travelers are therefore able to prepare home-cooked meals as opposed to eating at restaurants every single night when staying at hotels. This not only saves their corporation a few extra bucks but also guarantees that the traveler is eating healthy all through their trip and avoiding that extra fast-food weight business travelers usually pack on.


Airbnb offers numerous types of accommodation options, sometimes the options available to you are single rooms in the host’s house, a hostel, or an apartment that you may have to share with other travelers. This may imply that you will not receive the same level of privacy you would normally get in conventional hotel rooms. Hotel rooms give you the privacy and isolation you may need to relax and rest, or even to comfortably get some work done without unnecessary distractions. Therefore, in this aspect, the traditional option takes the cake.

Value for Money

Generally, Airbnb options are cheaper than hotels. This coupled with the fact that Airbnb options have more amenities makes them the obvious choice. If you are not renting out a whole apartment by yourself, and if you do not mind the issue of privacy, then, for the most part, you will be saving yourself and the corporation a lot of money by staying at an Airbnb as opposed to booking a hotel room.

Group Travel

It may be easy for an individual business traveler to weigh between staying at a hotel on a short-term trip or staying at an Airbnb. However, when traveling as a team, the Airbnb is almost always the best option. As a team, you are more likely to forgo the issue of privacy since you are already familiar with each other and, besides, you are most probably all working on the same project. This will not only save all of your money, but it may also make your trip as a team much more enjoyable.

Posted on Feb 26 2019

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