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How to be a Great Prom Date


For most high school students, prom is the first time they will have been on a formal date; that is excluding the casual movies and pizza outings that you can basically enjoy any time. There's a lot more effort that goes into a formal date - people dress up, the guy mostly picks the lady at her house, and by this time a reservation for two has already been made at one of the fanciest restaurants in town. We’re not trying to pressure you with this information but, in this post, our specialists thought it might help someone out there if we shared a few pointers on how to be a great prom date in 2019.

First, a lot of people tend to concentrate so much on other aspects of the day such as finding the perfect outfit and smelling good that they forget another equally important aspect of the night - transportation. Consider contracting the services of a reliable car service such as our New Jersey group transportation.  Hire a limousine for the night and enjoy the safety and convenience of chauffeured service, enjoy the luxury amenities, and, most importantly, impress your date as well as your peers.

The following are a few pointers on how to be a great date during prom this year.


We understand that prom comes with a lot of expectations; it’s supposed to be the most important night of your high school and, in high school, it may even feel like the biggest night of your life. Because of this, you may end up feeling a lot of pressure and anxiety as the day approaches. But remember, your date and your buddies can sense this kind of anxiety and it is impossible to offer good company in that state. Give yourself a break and allow yourself to relax; focus on having a good time and making it a memorable night and your date will undoubtedly enjoy your company and the entire experience as a whole.

Spend Time with your Friends

If you have a date for the night, that’s great, but remember prom night is also about making lasting memories with your friends. So make it a point to include your closest mates in your plans for the night. Also, do not forget that your date needs to spend time with her group of friends as well. You can both do this without splitting up; for example, invite the whole group for a limousine ride to the venue, to the after party, and back home as well. This way both you and your date get to create memories with your friends and spend time together. Two birds one stone, right?

Communicate Prior to the Day

To be a good date, you have to understand what your date wants from the night. Don’t just ask your date out and never speak about your expectations. This could be a recipe for disaster. Discuss your plans and expectations at length so you are sure you are offering the best company possible. Although this is not to say you can’t slot in a surprise sometime in the course of the night. For example, a small gift to remember the night by.

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Posted on Mar 05 2019

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