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How to Make your Concert Experiences More Memorable in 2019


There have been studies that have proven that going to concerts makes you happy. Now the question is: is there something like too much happiness? We guess not. Our New Jersey day trips service specialists, therefore, got to thinking how a person can make their concert experiences even better? How can you take an amazing experience and make it even better?

One sure way to make your concert experience even more memorable is to hire a luxury vehicle from a reputable concierge car service like our New Jersey bus service. You and your group will not only get to arrive/leave in style and enjoy the deluxe amenities of a luxury vehicle, but you will also avoid the hassle of having to find and pay for a parking space. Further, you will be assured that a professional chauffeur is waiting to transfer you safely back home once the night is over even when you may have taken a little too much of the devil’s nectar.

Below are a few more tips on how you can spice up your next concert experience.

Going Stag is Okay

There is absolutely nothing wrong with attending a concert, a show, or any other event for that matter, on your own. While the idea of standing in a crowd full of friends while you are there alone may seem awful, handling a crowd situation is much easier when you are alone. You will be able to squeeze yourself to the front or to the outskirts for a better view without having to worry about being separated from your companions. If you still don’t want to be alone, strike up a conversation and make a friend at the concert.


Every time people are excited they tend to lose their appetite. But you need to understand that, that is your mind playing tricks on you. If you are going to be at a concert for hours on end, you need to be energized enough to handle all the activity. Keep snacking ever so often during the concert to keep your energy levels high enough to go through all those hours without necessarily feeling fatigued or beat.

Put the Phone Away

We have all been guilty of spending more time recording a concert than actually watching the performers. Sure, you can take one photo or video, but do not let it get in the way the whole concert experience. Take the photos you need, put your phone away and enjoy the performances; trust us, you will have a much more fulfilling experience. Besides, we are certain you can always re-watch the concert on YouTube if you need to.

Sing and Dance

The most amazing part about any concert is getting to sing some of your favorite songs alongside your favorite artists and fellow enthusiasts. We strongly suggest that you make every moment and every song count. Dance till you can’t anymore and, in retrospect, you will be glad you did.

Posted on Mar 19 2019

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