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The Importance of Body Language in Business


Body language is a non-verbal communication that perhaps says more than the words you speak; actions speak louder than words, right? We use body language all the time when we interact with others, in social settings, in business, etc. Body language is all about the movements and gestures we give off, each little movement and gesture delivers a specific message.

You may never have noticed it but, you pick up on little cues when you are interacting with another person and it is never simply about the words that are coming out of their mouth but how they position themselves, how they walk, the facial expressions they make; these will tell you if a person is nervous, confident, happy, honest, etc. Body language is especially important in the field of business, where the people you deal with have to have the utmost confidence in you and, as such, our Day Trips Service in New Jersey has taken the liberty to put together a detailed discussion on the importance of body language in a business setting and how it can determine one’s success or failure.

Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are a critical element of face-to-face communication, and you ought to be aware of yours when you’re engaging others in a business setting. For example, do you tend to frown a lot, even in situations when you shouldn’t be? Do you narrow your eyes rather than widen them when you are agreeing with something? Such contradicting expressions will confuse the person you are interacting with and as a result, you will lose credibility because to them, your face is telling a different story. And who wants to do business with someone they are having doubts about.

Eye Contact

This is the very first level of communication you have with anyone, even before you say your hellos. Subconsciously, when you meet a person, the level of eye contact measures their confidence, attentiveness, and sincerity. If you are avoiding eye contact when you speak to a person, you are jeopardizing your interaction; there is the risk that your intentions may be misinterpreted. Looking someone in the eye shows them that you are paying attention; listening is an important part of communication, and good eye contact tells the other person that you are interested in what they have to say.

Posture and Gestures

Your posture tells people a lot about who you are as a person and whether they should take you seriously or not. If you want to be perceived as a serious business person, stand tall, spine erect, chest out, and shoulders back, which communicates assertiveness and professionalism. Also, make sure your sitting position and gestures send the right message to your audience. Slouching with minimal hand gestures when you speak communicates nervousness and uncertainty, which is a very different message than would be conveyed by an upright position with bold hand gestures.

Posted on Jan 09 2018

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