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Party Games Perfect for your 4th of July Celebrations


Regardless of whether your 4th of July turns out to be cool or sunny, action-packed or slow, one sure way to make it much more exciting is to incorporate games. If you have no idea what kind of games you could incorporate in your Independence Day celebration, our New Jersey group transportation specialists have got you covered. We have compiled a list of some exciting party games perfectly suited for your Independence Day celebration this year.
Wherever you decide to celebrate your 4th of July this year, we recommend employing the services of our New Jersey bus service for all your transportation needs. We all love to see patriots come out in hoards to celebrate their freedom, but this also comes with its drawbacks; the vehicle and human traffic on the 4th of July is unimaginable. With our chauffeurs behind the wheel, all you need to do is relax in the back of one of our luxury vehicles and enjoy the company of your friends and family as a professional safely transfers you to and from any location of your choosing.
The following are few games that will certainly spice up your 4th of July experience. Have a great Independence Day. Viva!

Pushups Tag

If you are tired of playing regular tag, this game will add a patriotic feel to the game. One player will have to be ‘it’ at the beginning (you can play rock, paper, scissors to decide) and they have to chase everyone else in an attempt to tag them. Once a player is tagged, they have to do 10 pushups and once they are done, they have to chase the other players in an attempt to tag one of them. This is not only a fun way to keep everyone entertained, but it also encourages physical fitness, especially after having chowed down all that BBQ and soda.

Football Toss

This is a simple but fun way to pass time this Independence Day. We recommend giving the game a patriotic twist this 4th of July and if it is possible to find a red, white, and blue football. Alternatively, you could simply purchase some ribbons and tightly wrap the ball in them. Also, as opposed to tossing the ball at each other, you could hang some red, white, and blue hoops, with each hoop having an assigned point value.
Take turns throwing the ball through the hoops and after 50 throws each, the person with the most points wins the game. If you want to make it even more competitive, bring a trophy, one that will be gifted to the champion for them to hold until next year’s 4th of July when competitors will have a shot at the title again. This will definitely ensure that the participants take the game seriously.

Uncle Sam Hats

This one is best suited for the kids and is sure to keep them busy for a few hours. Set up a craft table with construction paper, glitter, markers, paint, glue, ribbons, and any other supplies one may need to create an Uncle Sam hat of their own. Give them about two hours to complete their hats and then create a makeshift runway for the young ones to parade their hats for the grownups and older kids. This is also a great opportunity for some amazing and unique Kodak moments. The hats will also make great souvenirs that you and the family can look back at years later and associate with a wonderful day.


You will probably have a lot of energy to burn after you have passed by the dessert station and what better way than by taking part in an exhilarating game of tag. Divide the participants into two groups and each person in one of the groups hold onto a patriotic token. For example, a ribbon, a small flag, an Uncle Sam hat, etc. The other group will be ‘it’ and their purpose is to chase the guys with the tokens and tag them. Once a person with a token has been tagged, they have to hand over their token to the person who tagged them and the first person to have all the tokens will be crowned the champion. This game will likely never end and perhaps no one will be crowned champion, but it’s a lot of fun just trying to get all the tokens without being tagged.

Costume Race

Head over to a costume store and assemble a George Washington outfit; that will include a white wig, a collared shirt, a blazer, trousers, and high heeled official shoes. To add to the fun, ensure that all the pieces of clothing you get are comically large. Pick a large space, e.g. your backyard and place different items of the costume at either end of the space. The game will require participants to run from end to end progressively putting on pieces of the costume until it is complete. Whoever is fully dressed as George Washington after the race will be the winner.

4th of July Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t enjoy a good scavenger hunt? We are assuming, no one. The good thing about scavenger hunts is that you can download and print out a pre-made one. Print out lists of everything you have hidden around the house or backyard and let everyone run around searching. If your party is a grown-up affair, you can include adult themes such as alcoholic beverages in the scavenger hunts. The person who completes the list will be crowned winner and a reward would be a great incentive to have people fully participating. For example, a special ‘winner’s dessert’ would do just fine. Alternatively, you could go to the thrift store or a prop-shop for a comical trophy to gift to the winner. This game will not only keep the people busy but will also be a good way to burn off those calories you have packed on before the day ends.

Posted on May 14 2019

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