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Passaic Valley celebrates 50 years of ground transportation excellence


We at Passaic Valley have just celebrated 50 years of providing excellent ground transportation services to our customers. So what does that mean for you? It means that you get one of the best ground transportation services in the country. Our 50 years of dedication and experience with our fantastic customers ensures that you receive the best service possible. What type of services are actually available, you might ask?

Well, our New Jersey bus service offers transportation in our luxurious vehicle fleet that consists of vans, mini-busses, coaches and motor coaches. These luxurious and comfortable vehicles can be used to accommodate many different types of trips. Need some help making you or your child's college visit less stressful? Let us provide you with a tour of the campus and surrounding area, taking some of the stress out of an already stressful experience. Looking to wow your employees with a company outing, but need to find a way to get there? Our broad range of fleet vehicles can accommodate your company, large or small, and get you there in safety and comfort. Or maybe you are a teacher looking to take your students out on a field trip, or perhaps you are traveling a bit further with a sports team from your school. Look no further than our services at Passaic Valley. Our great team will help you get you and your group of students to any field trip or sporting location that they need to go.

We all know that sometimes, in an outing, getting to the destination is just as important and memorable as the destination itself. No one wants to arrive at their final destination tired and worn out because of bad transportation. That is why we at Passaic Valley offer only the best to our customers. Our fleet has great amenities onboard as well. Depending on the vehicle you chose, you can get onboard amenities such as Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, lavatories and personal announcement systems. We strive to provide our customers with the greatest service and comfort possible.

Our chauffeurs are highly trained and professional. They have passed rigorous background testing and continued training to ensure that they are up-to-date with all regulations and safety procedures. Our support staff offers a level of professionalism, comfort and personal care unmatched in the industry. Booking your New Jersey group transportation with us is pleasantly simple due to the excellent care and professionalism that our great support staff offers. All of us come together to make your experience with us the best possible and to help ensure that you get to your destination in comfort, luxury, and most important of all, stress-free.

So what do you, as our customer, get from our 50 years of experience? You get a great and dedicated team that is professional and courteous, a fantastic fleet of vehicles that can service your specific group size needs and most importantly, stress-free travel that leaves you feeling refreshed and rested when you arrive at your destination.

Posted on May 12 2017

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