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Secrets to Safe Travel


The most important aspect of any vacation or business trip is your safety. Our company understands the stress traveling takes on people, and we know how important it is you are taken care of when you are on the road, in the air, and out of town. Our New Jersey bus service chauffeurs work hard to maintain not only a good reputation, but a firsthand knowledge in road rules, road conditions, and safety features on all our vehicles. We put your safety first, and we are committed to what we do. Whether you require group travel accommodations for charter schools in NJ or a corporate event you’re hosting, our professional chauffeurs provide stress-free service, experience, and the most luxurious vehicles. It’s our way of helping you stay safe while you travel, but hiring us is not the only tip we have for travel safety.

Write Down Numbers

If you ask us to call our best friends, we couldn’t tell you their numbers. With the invention of the cell phone came a little bit of laziness on behalf of everyone who auto-programs our favorite people in our phone. We can push a button in our personal vehicles to use voice commands to tell our phones to dial our moms and spouses. We don’t know their numbers. One of the best ways to maintain safety while traveling is to get to know your numbers. Write them down and stick them in your luggage, your handbag, and anywhere else you can think to stick them, even if it’s just in a folder in your email. Knowing your numbers is a good way to ensure you can reach home if your phone goes missing.

Don’t Talk to Strangers

Our parents taught us all about stranger danger, but it seems adults forget it applies to them as well. When we’re at networking events for work, we need to speak to strangers. However, we need to learn how to keep our personal information to ourselves. This means not sharing our hotel names or room numbers with people we don’t know, not providing too much personal information, and not agreeing to leave an event alone with someone we just met.

Hire a Transportation Service

If you want to keep the people in your care safe, hire group transportation. Our team of professional chauffeurs is experienced, and we keep your friends, family, and co-workers safe when they’re in our care. No one needs to worry about potentially drinking and driving, getting lost in a new city, or finding their own transportation.

Knowing where to go, where to stay, and how to handle yourself when you travel is paramount to staying safe when you travel. There’s a lot more to it than just staying in a group after dark, and our team of professional chauffeurs is aware that your safety is the most important factor in any of our jobs. Call us to enjoy a stress-free travel experience today.


Posted on Jun 13 2017

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