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How to Set New Year’s Resolutions you can Achieve


A lot of people just don’t know how to keep New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s vowing to exercise at least once a day, eating out less often, or maintaining a steady diet, most of these resolutions end up in the darkest recesses of the mind by the second week of January. But 2018 will be different; our Bus Rental Service in New Jersey is here to coach you on how to accomplish all the goals you made on the 1st. Here are measures you can take to ensure that you achieve all your goals this year.

Laser Focus

If you have a goal for yourself, try to be as specific as possible. Creating a vague goal will leave you with an avenue to slack off. For example, as opposed to saying ‘I will lose weight this year’ or ‘I will read more books’, say ‘I will lose at least 15 pounds every month until I get to 200 pounds’ or ‘I will read at least one book by the end of Sunday each week’. Once you understand how much work you need to put in to achieve each goal, you will have a higher chance at actually succeeding.

Break it Down

A lot of people think that they will wake up one day and just suddenly get a major task done all at once. We are not saying this isn’t possible, but this mentality tends to leave you with a lot more time on your hands, most of which will end up being wasted because even if you waste the day today, you will tell yourself that you can still wake up early tomorrow and get everything done all at once, right? A better approach is to break down your tasks into smaller sub-tasks that you can handle on a daily basis. You will be surprised just how much you can handle this way; in all possibility, you will find yourself with extra time to handle even more than you had estimated.

Remember It’s Okay to Fail

It’s okay to fail, what isn’t okay is failing to give it your all. Let go of the fear of failure, its crippling. Be kind to yourself and tell yourself, ‘I will give it my best shot, and no matter how it turns out, it’s okay’. We beat ourselves up every time things don’t go EXACTLY as we would have loved them, too, but that’s just how life is, you can’t always get what you want. What would you say to a loved one who didn’t succeed in a project they were working on? Wouldn’t you encourage them to go easy on themselves and to try again? Now start doing that for yourself every time things don’t work out.

Reward Yourself

Make it a habit to reward yourself every time you succeed at a certain objective. For example, if your goal was to maintain a strict diet and you have religiously done so for the entire month, go out with a friend and enjoy that chocolate cake you love so much. This reward tells your brain that sticking to your resolution is actually a great thing and encourages you to keep at it.

Posted on Jan 03 2018

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