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The Frequent Road Warrior: How to Feel at Home Away from Home


It may be a little embarrassing for any grown up to admit, but the truth is, we all get a little homesick when we travel far away from home. However, we have found that, in the absence of home environment, there are certain measures you can take to keep homesickness at bay and to feel more connected with your temporary residence; this is what we will be sharing with you today. But before we jump into it, we would like you to consider our New Jersey group transportation service for your transportation needs; our deluxe concierge services will give you one less thing to worry about and make your travel and assimilation experience in your new environment much more fluid.


Personalize your New Space

To feel more at home in a foreign environment, try personalizing your own private space, and no, you don’t need an interior designer for this. Simple things like sticking family photos around the premises, bringing your favorite blanket, tagging your pet along, etc. will go a long way. Surrounding yourself with items that remind you of home and fill you with good memories will make you feel right at home, you may even feel like you are back in your own home now and again.


Expose Yourself

One of the primary reasons why we feel homesick in new environments is that we feel alone, we feel like we don’t have anyone or anything to connect with for miles. However, this is all in your head, and if you just stepped out of your comfort zone, you would realize that there is a whole new world to explore, which is actually pretty amazing. Get out of your apartment or hotel room and explore the town, have a cup of coffee at the local café, go shopping for fresh products at the local market, say hi to your neighbor, put yourself out there. Do this and we guarantee that you won’t feel as lost as you were feeling by the end of the day.


Follow a Routine

Another reason why we miss home so much is because traveling destabilizes our regular routines. You may not realize it, but we do get attached to a certain way of life, a certain way of doing things, a certain procedure throughout our days, and this all flies out the window when we move away from home. Therefore, to make your temporary residence feel like home, create little routines that will give you a sense of stability in your new environment.


Spend Some Alone Time

Yes, we know we have already told you to put yourself out there, but it is equally important to leave sometime to yourself; maintain a balance. Take some time to get your emotions in check every day; meditate, do some yoga exercise, take a quiet walk, take a long drive to clear your mind. The transition within is just as important as the transition on the outside, so stay in touch with yourself and find out if there is anything more you can do to make your new environment feel like home.

With more than 50 years of providing New Jersey group transportation, we at Passaic Valley Coaches are renowned locally for our world-class group and event transportation offerings. When you desire a stress-free bus rental in New Jersey, please give us a call to discuss your needs and requests.

Posted on Jun 19 2018

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