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The Top-Rated Travel Products of 2017


Travel these days is all about collecting experiences and being unencumbered by stuff. The best travel products of 2017 reflect this trend. Just as the housing market has gone tiny and compact, so too has the travel market in some respects. If you’re looking to travel light this year, here are some of the top-rated products you’ll find to keep your quest small and relatively care-free.

LockSmart Travel Lock

What if your phone could find your luggage at the airport before your eyes do? With LockSmart Travel Lock, it can. It’s set so that it finds your bags once they are in range of BlueTooth. This system is also keyless. Your phone opens the lock for you, leaving you less likely to have your bag stolen. It’s 128-bit encrypted. And you even have the option of sharing your virtual keys with others, allowing your spouse or your kids to open up a bag that you all mutually share on a family vacation. Best of all, there are no keys to lose and even if your phone also gets lost, you can get back into your bag due to the shared access with your family.

Tashtego Toiletries Roll

The Tashtego toiletries roll helps you make maximum use of the space in your suitcase or carry-on. You’ve probably been told that it’s good to roll up their items to make the best use of the limited space you have in travel bags. Tashtego does the same thing for your toiletries. It’s a roll-up pouch that holds items like brushes, toothbrushes, mini-hairsprays, and other items. However, there are some even more creative uses for this cool roll-up pouch. The artist on the road can stash extra pencils, erasers, and other items in the bag. Tuck this and a small sketchbook in your shoulder bag and become an urban sketcher in no time.


Traveling can be challenging for the vegans and vegetarians among us. However, HappyCow is evening the playing field on that one. With almost 11,000 restaurants listed for cities around the world, this little restaurant finder is the little savior on your phone.

Final Thoughts on 2017’s Best Travel Products

Traveling in groups is really where it’s at, whether it be your little family brood or a big group of students out for the day. Fortunately, some of 2017’s best travel products are well suited for New Jersey group transportation setups. Much of our experience deals with group travel, and these three items count as some of the best, most compact products that modern travelers can carry with them.

If you need some additional advice about must-have travel items or some go-to information about your travels in New Jersey, don’t hesitate to ask one of our chauffeurs. They’re courteous and professional. They really are the shining stars of our New Jersey bus service: They always have the latest scoop on what’s going to make your trip more enjoyable. Be sure to tap into their expertise on your next ride with us.

Posted on May 30 2017

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