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Travel Time-Management for Frequent Road Warriors


Frequent travelers understand that constantly moving around from place to place is time-incentive and can really kill one’s productivity. When you’re always moving around, it’s quite easy to get into unproductive activities that unnecessarily waste your time. Whether you have just begun traveling a lot or you are a seasoned ‘road warrior’, here are three tips that will help you manage your time better while you are on the move.

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Keep Jetlag at Bay

When you are traveling, one of the biggest time-wasters and productivity killers is jetlag. Jetlag refers to the physical and mental fatigue that you experience once you have moved through two or more time-zones. The effects of jetlag can keep you off-balance for days on end after you have arrived at your destination, but the good news is, there are several measures you can take to ensure that you feel fresh and hit the ground running once you get to your destination, without any of the adverse effects caused by jetlag.

To combat jetlag, we recommend that you get enough sleep on your flight, go the pharmaceutical way by using mild sleeping pills (melatonin) if you have to, stay hydrated, and avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks.


We have mentioned sleep as a means to combat jetlag, but it is imperative that we discuss it in much more detail. If you want to be productive and utilize the time that you have well while you are traveling, you have to be well rested. Sleep is essential for the human body to function at optimum capacity, and there is no way you will be functioning at optimum capacity if you are sleep deprived; you will be burning a lot more time than you are utilizing. It is common to feel as though you are wasting a lot of time while you are traveling but fight this feeling and take a nap if you feel like your body is fatigued. You’d be surprised how much more efficient you can be after a short one-hour nap.

Eliminate Distractions

Our biggest problem, especially when we are on the road, is that we are often distracted even without realizing it. You could have planned to read that book you have been putting off while you were back at home, but you have found yourself surfing through the Internet looking at stuff you probably don’t even need and whole two hours has gone by. To avoid spending time on things that don’t really add value to how you are spending your time on the road, identify your distractors and make a conscious decision to keep them away until you have handled every task you intended to handle.

Posted on Apr 24 2018

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