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Ways to Reduce Stress on Long Drives


If your workplace is a long drive away or you live in an overly congested city/town, the thought of being behind the wheel is enough to push you over the edge, right? As a company that specializes in the act of driving itself, our day trips service in New Jersey understands this all too well. Driving can be an extremely stressful activity, especially when you have to be trapped in that confined space for long periods at a time. Here are some key tips that will go a long way in ensuring that all your trips are as stress free as possible.

First, consider our New Jersey ground transportation service for all your transportation needs and let us handle all the navigation for you; all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the luxury and comfort of our vehicles as we drive you safely and promptly to your destination.

Give yourself Ample Time

We know this is easier said than done but leaving about one hour earlier than you normally would go a long way in easing the pressure and stress of the journey. This way, you avoid the panic of thinking that you are running late whenever you hit a snag in traffic. Adopting this habit will especially come in handy when you have an important appointment such as an interview or when you are scheduled to meet an important client. Make sure you allocate yourself enough time for the journey every time you are traveling long distances.


Don’t fly blind, so to speak. Always check all possible routes before embarking on your journey; this will enable you to choose the least congested route and avoid roadblocks and traffic jams. Master all your alternative routes and figure out which routes are the most convenient to get you to your destination and at what time of the day and you won’t have to deal with some of the frustrations that come with long-distance ground transportation.

Bring Snacks

When we’re hungry, we tend to get cranky, it’s okay, it happens to the best of us. Being stuck in traffic on an empty stomach is the perfect storm for irritability and stress. To avoid this situation all together, pack some high-energy snacks in your vehicle for emergency situations. The snacks will not only fill you up whenever you are famished but will also give you energy and uplift your mood, making your long drive feel like a piece of cake.

You are not in a Race

Show other road users the same kind of courtesy you would like bestowed upon you. Make a deliberate decision not to dive onto situations aggressively; this way, you will not only be taking the moral high ground but you will also be keeping your stress levels at a minimum. Take a deep breath whenever someone cuts you off as opposed to honking or throwing an angry gesture. Everyone has somewhere to go, and once you carry this mentality with you, your drive will be calm, blissful, and not to mention, safe.

Posted on May 22 2018

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