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College Tours

How About a Less Stressful College Visit? 

Let's face it, deciding what college you will attend is a daunting task filled with timetables, deadlines - and stress. You have schedules and mounds of details to deal with. Of all the items on your school selection to-do list, taking college tours has got to be among the things you might look forward to the least: strange places, new people, and all kinds of questions.

When you have arranged and scheduled a college tour, you must consider that the bus transportation in NJ may not take you exactly where you need to go, when you need to get there. Let us make your next college visit a lot less stressful by allowing us to transport you in style, in a comfortable luxury coach driven by one of our professional, well-informed chauffeurs. We also provide Wi-Fi access, making sure you can get any additional information you might need before your next stop or sharing first impressions with friends and family.

If you plan to visit schools in the greater New Jersey area, why not arrive right at the door of the schools you'll visit? Our trained chauffeurs know that you might be anxious about your trip and will make you feel comfortable as you travel to your destination. We know just where to go, so instead of worrying about driving directions, you can focus on what questions you plan to ask during your tour.

Because we may make multiple stops during your trip, you might see schools that are not on your radar, opening up new possibilities for you. If you are on a multi-day excursion, then let us worry about loading and unloading your luggage; we also remain on site for the duration of your trip. After our chauffeurs put you at ease and get you on board, look around you to see your fellow passengers, all of whom are in the same boat - or luxury coach - as you are! Make a new friend or talk with fellow passengers about your experiences. At the very least, see that you are not alone in this new and unfamiliar venture.

Once you've completed your visit, let us take you back to your original destination or on to your next. No need for you to worry about traffic or getting lost. Now you can focus on your tour and what you liked. Travel in comfort while you evaluate your trip with fellow attendees, maybe new friends - maybe even future roommates!

There is no need to rely on the local bus schedule when you know our coach will show up at a prearranged spot at a designated time. Enjoy the ride while you relax or think about what's next on your to-do list, and bask in the camaraderie of others who share the same important time in their lives as you do. All the while, our professional chauffeurs are making sure you reach your destination safely and on-time.

If you are faced with a tight schedule, then you may not be able to rely on the bus service in New Jersey. Check out our line of luxury coaches and picture yourself traveling in style and with confidence to your next college tour.

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College Tours