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5 Tips for Parents of Junior High School Students


Time is moving quickly. Your teen is about to enter junior year of high school. I'm sure a million feelings are rushing through your teen's mind. By this time, they have started to ask themselves questions, such as, "What is next?" and "Am I on the right track?" Important decisions this year will have a significant impact on their academic lives.

Here are five tips for college-bound juniors:

Study and Schedule for Standardized Tests

Do not let your teen wait for their senior year to take the SAT and ACT, unless both their arms are broken (a little dramatic but you get the idea). Teens who take these all-important tests during their junior year have time to review what areas they need improvement in and study to eliminate them. The SAT or ACT can be retaken in the fall, and with the right preparation, scores should more than likely increase.

Consider Possible Majors

Make a list of possible college majors. Start with your teen's interests. What do they enjoy? What is their passion? These interests can include helping people, fitness, creative arts, medicine, writing, the possibilities are endless. Make sure they include favorite school subjects, like Mathematics, English, or Science.

Research Scholarships

There are countless scholarships open to teens in their junior year. When you sit down with your teen to apply for scholarships, make sure to proofread all written materials, and meet all critical deadlines (do your best to send off your documents well before the deadline).

Maintain Excellent Grades

Keep the momentum going and strive to impress. Colleges and universities look at junior year grades to get an understanding of your teen's academic abilities. Let your teen know that their Junior year grades are the last full year of grades for admissions committees to review to determine their acceptance. A sudden decline in grades can send the wrong message to a college.

Research Colleges & Plan Visits

Gather information on different colleges and universities from various websites and book resources. Attend college fairs with your teen, as well as presentations by traveling college admissions officers. You and your teen should schedule as many on-campus tours as possible. Plan tours with other parents and students, also check with your child's high school to see if college tour trips are scheduled.

As you assist students in exploring potential colleges, be sure you have the right charter bus to accommodate everyone. Click here to view what types of vehicle will suit your needs!

Posted on Oct 09 2019

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